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BattleTech: Alpha Strike Boxed Set

BattleTech: Alpha Strike Boxed Set

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In BattleTech Alpha Strike, you take command of large-scale engagements, fueled by tabletop miniatures gameplay designed for the modern wargamer. Inside is everything you need to start tossing dice and moving miniatures on your game table.

The commline ablaze with determination.

An army of war-forged metal titans on the heights.

The enemy entrenched in the valley below, weapons charging.

On your order, your force surges toward their foes, banners streaming as weapons sear and render and shatter! Will your star-spanning empire win the day? Only you will decide!

It is the thirty-second century. Mankind has waged a millennia of war across thousands of worlds of human-occupied space. The Great Houses. The Clans. The Periphery. A myriad of star empires claim ascendance, as others wane or fall. Fighting and dying for their ambitions are the MechWarriors who owe them fealty, each the master of a towering avatar of destruction: the BattleMech.

You command a detachment of these brave warriors dropped onto an unforgiving battlefield: only your wits and tactical acumen will bring victory, or leave you a casualty on a forgotten world.

Battletech Alpha Strike Box Set Contents:
- 8 Inner Sphere BattleMech Models
- 5 Clan BattleMech Models
Quick-Start Rulebook
Introductory fiction novella
Universe Primer
Alpha Strike Mech Cards
Pilot Cards
Reference sheets
2 six-sided dice and more.

Note: Models supplied assembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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