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Lords of Ragnarok (Gamefound Collectors All-in Sundrop Pledge)

Lords of Ragnarok (Gamefound Collectors All-in Sundrop Pledge)

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Lords of Ragnarok (Gamefound Collectors All-in Sundrop Pledge) includes below products from the Gamefound crowdfunding campaign:

- Lords of Ragnarok Core Box (Sundrop)

- Lords of Ragnarok Stretch Goals (Sundrop)

- Terrain expansion (Sundrop)

- Seas of Aegir (Sundrop)

- Utgard: Realms of the Giants Expansion (Sundrop)

- Enhanced runes

- Valkyrie hero

- Game Board mat (It will be folded before sending to fit in parcel box)

- Awaken Guard Sleeves

- Art Book

In this 1-4 player strategic board game, you will lead a unique, asymmetric hero and their army, trying to be the ultimate victor in a war that unfolds over approximately 120 minutes. Players will choose from various actions, such as building monuments, hunting monsters, ravaging the lands, and gathering armies and artifacts.
Gods will grant you blessings that will heavily impact the game and create a unique combo for each player. On top of all that, special runes will play a significant role in leveling up your armies or earning other bonuses that include control of deadly monsters.

While the game is a spiritual successor of Lords of Hellas and implements a lot of core gameplay aspects, there will be a lot of new mechanics and twists, so prepare yourself for a fresh, new thematic experience!

Multiple victory conditions will keep players at the edge of their seats until the end of the game, making room for some stunning, carefully planned last-minute reversals!

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