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Prey Another Day

Prey Another Day

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The soft crack of a branch wakes you abruptly from your slumber. A cold wind moves through the treetops and makes the leaves rustle. The animals of the forest are hunting again! They scurry past your hiding place while your stomach rumbles with hunger. Use your animal instincts and choose the perfect moment to pounce, but one wrong move and hunter will become prey.

In Prey Another Day, players are forest animals hunting for food in the wilderness. Staring at the players around the table, you’ll need to deduce when it is safe to hunt and when to stay hidden. In each round, players secretly choose one of the cards in their hand to play face down—bear, wolf, lynx, owl, or mouse. From largest to smallest and starting with bear, each animal will be called in turn. If alone, that player can declare a smaller animal to hunt and all matching face-down critters are revealed and eliminated. The round ends when only one animal remains, or after three hunts. Survivors receive valuable food markers, i.e. victory points, and the first player to collect 5 points wins!
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