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5 Towers

5 Towers

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In 5 Towers players compete as master architects to build the city’s highest towers. Each round, 5 cards – the building blocks of the towers – are up for bidding. The player willing to take the most of them wins them and must add them onto their own growing towers. But why not just take all of them? But one can only build one tower of each type, and the values of the cards in each tower must gracefully decrease as building them up, so taking too many at once restricts future bids. When the last brick has been laid, the player with the most points wins.

Each card in a tower grants one point. If that tower is graced with a tower top, its cards are worth two instead. The cards in a player's highest tower are worth another point still, while any cards tored down in the course of building will cost points.

5 Towers is an entertaining card game that is all about clever planning and never taking your eyes off the fellow players. Kasper Lapp, known for his innovative card games like That’s not a hat, strikes again with surprising depth that only unfolds during the course of the game. The vibrant illustrations by Annika Heller are filled with movie- and game references and bring a fun meta layer to the game.
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