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Batman Miniature Game (Second Edition): The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Miniature Game (Second Edition): The Dark Knight Rises

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A comprehensive starter set, this box is packed full of models and accessories - everything you need to start playing the Batman Miniature Game. Based on the events in the Dark Knight Rises movie, this boxed set contains two complete crews (Batman, Catwoman, and the GCPD vs Bane and his mercenaries), including a Batpod and - for the first time - the Tumbler Batmobile! You’ll also find full-colour, slot-together scenery, markers and counters, cards, and a set of QuickStart rules. This is the ultimate boxed set for BMG.

- This two-player game box includes 12 ready to paint & assemble resin miniatures:

  • Batman
  • Catwoman
  • 3 GCPD Cops
  • Bane
  • Miranda Tate
  • Barbados
  • 2 Mercenaries
  • Batpod (with choice of rider: Batman or Catwoman)
  • 1 Tumbler

- 12 plastic bases
- 14 Character Cards
- 38 Equipment Cards
- 1 Rulebook (a reduced version of the full rulebook easy to learn with training scenarios)
- 2 Quick Reference Sheets 1 of each crew
- 2 full colour die-cut card buildings
- 6 six-sided dice
- 2 full colour die-cut card Templates
- +80 Counters

For the second edition.

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