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Etherfields: Funeral Witch Campaign Expansion

Etherfields: Funeral Witch Campaign Expansion

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Funeral Witch is a very mysterious and dark figure, representing, among other things, sadness, pain and regret after a loss. She can be moody, chaotic, temperamental but still seeks solace - at each encounter her behaviour changes completely from the previous one. Will you discover the key to these changes? If so, will it be easier for you to prepare for the next encounter with her?

Fluctuation, but also cyclicality is the rhythm in which Etherfields: Funeral Witch Campaign will be played. Will you drown in the depths of black sorrow, or will you find a ray of light that will lead you to a mysterious goal?

In this story you will be accompanied by drabness, darkness and ruins.

In this campaign, one of the main attractions, distinguishing it from the others, is a special additional 48-page Book of Scripts. Normally, in Etherfields, all adventures, scripts, conversations, scenes, etc. are placed directly on cards and tiles, and the amount of text is heavily balanced by graphics. Here, much more is pure text, and it is mainly used to conduct very extensive dialogues with the characters of this campaign.

You will climb the stairs and ride up in the old elevator to the highest floors of a crumbling, half-broken, block of flats.

You will come across a strange cemetery, located on the roof of a building.

You will visit the Museum of Death and the Great Cathedral.

You will struggle with the snow void.

And you will take part in a game of hide and seek.

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