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Marrakesh: Camels & Nomads Expansion

Marrakesh: Camels & Nomads Expansion

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Discover the fascinating world of Marrakesh with Marrakesh: Camels & Nomads Expansion.

Imagine wandering through the dusty streets of Marrakesh, surrounded by the lively hustle of the marketplace. With the “Camels & Nomads” expansion, your adventure becomes even more intense and strategic. Are you ready to face new challenges and prove your skills?

The Nomads:
Enrich your game with the mysterious nomads. Place them wisely on the board and use their diverse abilities to expand your influence. But beware: the nomads are fleeting, and their loyalty must be bought with dates and water. Are you ready to pay the price?

The Camel Race:
Feel the thrill of the camel race! Use your Keshis wisely to cheer on your camel and move it faster towards the finish line. But be careful, as the race is full of surprises, and the fastest route is not always the safest. Will you manage to lead your camel to victory without collecting too much camel dung?

The Rewards:
At the end of each round, a reward phase awaits you. Exchange Keshis for valuable rewards and strengthen your position in the game. But always think strategically, as every decision can turn the tide.

The Final Scoring:
In the final scoring, every detail counts. Avoid collecting camel dung and secure additional points through clever race placements. Will your camel reach the podium and secure your victory?

Dive into the world of Marrakesh with the Camels & Nomads Expansion. Experience new strategies, surprising twists, and exciting decisions in every game. Are you ready for this adventure? Then wait no longer and enhance your gaming experience now with Camels & Nomads Expansion.

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