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Snowdonia: Isle of Man Expansion

Snowdonia: Isle of Man Expansion

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Isle of Man is an exclusive expansion for Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set by Tony Boydell.

In addition to a 35 card fix-pack for the Deluxe Master set, it includes a deck of 29 scenario-specific cards as well as an extra train card. The box also contains the following wooden pieces:

  • 3 Sun discs
  • 3 Rain discs
  • 3 Fog discs
  • 1 Excavation rate marker
  • 1 Lay Track rate marker

The wooden components are of the same style and quality as those included with the Deluxe Master Set.

Two instruction leaflets are included. One for the Isle of Man scenario and the other for two mini-expansions: the Twice as Nice expansion and The Hampi Stone Chariot promo card.

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