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Superclub: The Football Manager Board Game

Superclub: The Football Manager Board Game

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Superclub is a premium football manager boardgame where you compete face-to-face with the ones you beat.

You’re the newly appointed manager of a top flight football club. A decent club, not a great one. Certainly not a Superclub, although becoming one is the objective. The question is: Can you manage?

The game is divided in off-season and season.
In off-season you go through finance, develop talents, scout for the next stars, invest in bigger facilities and key staff. And off course buy squad improvements on deadline day.

When the season starts you choose a strategy against you opponents, you play matches with your manager folders and dices. You will challenge injuries and draw both positive and negative game changer cards.

There are two ways to crown the winning manager. The first one to reach 100 points. Or a manager wins three season in a row and beats his/her contender in the Supercup.

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