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Tiny Epic Pirates: Curse of Amdiak Expansion

Tiny Epic Pirates: Curse of Amdiak Expansion

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In Tiny Epic Pirates: Curse of Amdiak Expansion, rumors of the unthinkable are spreading quickly around the islands. Rumors of dead pirates returning to the sea... aboard an ominous ghost ship helmed by the legendary pirate Amdiak...

Several new game elements are added to play including cursed gold, a ghost ship that haunts the players as they try to steal the cursed gold, ancient relics, haunted map cards and even skeleton crew!

Players gain cursed gold by stealing it from the ghost ship and attacking other pirates who possess it. Cursed gold can be traded for an ancient relic said to hold ashes of Amdiak. Bury this relic and break the Curse of Amdiak!

If the ghost ship finds catches you though, your captain becomes cursed and you lose your cursed gold. Once cursed you will be able to recruit powerful skeleton crew to mindlessly obey your wicked command!

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