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Volfyirion Guilds Tylaris Pride

Volfyirion Guilds Tylaris Pride

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Volfyirion Guilds is a competitive, fast-paced, deck building card game for 1-4 players, combinable with Volfyirion card game.

Volfyirion Guilds takes place in the Mysthea Universe, the original setting created for Mysthea and furtherly enriched with Icaion, Volfyirion and Mysthea: The Fall. The events of Volfyirion Guilds take place immediately after the previous title, Volfyirion, and about sixty years before the narrative of Mysthea.

The story revolves around five great Guilds, once created by the king of Mysthea in order to stop the rise of the dominant noble house, and now fiercely competing with each other for power.

Volfyirion Guilds is a game focused on strategy and deck building, with two players facing each other over the supremacy of their Guild.

Each player leads a Guild with their own cities to defend. To win the game, players must destroy all the opponent’s cities, by using the abilities of their cards and trying to tame the dragon Volfyirion.

In order to reach their goal, players can use different strategies, set in motion by the abilities of their cards. The game begins with symmetric starting decks that each player will develop differently by acquiring new cards. Along with the construction of the deck, players face the challenge of managing their own cities, equipping them with buildings and troops.

Different card types allow players to refine their strategy with powerful chain effects and alternative ways to manage their resources or interfere with the opponent’s tactics.

The dragon Volfyirion is a threat to both sides and players can use it to their advantage to intensify the thrill of the battle. Players who aim for the greatest glory can also try the hardest task: defeat Volfyirion and take over his lair.


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