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Werewolves Big Box

Werewolves Big Box

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In the Werewolves Big Box, you’ll find that the night is filled with lurking creatures who have come to make mischief: not only must you keep watch for werewolves, but also vampires! Can the villagers unmask the monsters hiding in their midst, and banish them all before the final victim falls?

Werewolves Big Box includes two classic, team-based social deduction games, Werewolves and Night of the Vampires, either of which can be played independently or combined together for an epic experience. With the Werewolves Big Box, you can run games for large groups of up to 50 players. This limited edition release includes the hard-to-find promo cards Stray Cat and Watchdog, plus a notepad and pencil.

The core game experience remains the same: each night the creatures, whether vampires or werewolves, choose in secret to devour a single human villager. The grisly scene is discovered the next morning, and everyone left alive must try to identify who among them is actually a vampire or werewolf in disguise. After a vote, the angry mob will lynch the most suspicious candidate…always hoping they chose correctly. Multiple unique characters, such as the insomniac, the mayor, and the investigator, have special abilities to better unmask the monsters, but will anyone believe them before it’s too late?

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